Mouse Chemokines

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m-SDF-1α, synthetic


Catalog No. CN-50_1mg


Why choose our Mouse Chemokines

Almac presents a range of mouse chemokines, produced by chemical synthesis to ensure high purity and reliable biological function. The chemical synthesis of chemokines is a relatively recent advancement, but one that should be strongly considered when identifying a source of suitable research reagents. Chemokines have been synthesised chemically since the early 1990s [1], but recent advances in peptide synthesis techniques, and methodology developed by Almac, have made their manufacture routine.

Chemical synthesis opens the door to the rapid, low cost manufacture of chemokines.

  • One of the most comprehensive ranges of human and mouse chemokines in the native and site-specifically labelled form
  • High purity endotoxin free products
  • Custom synthesis of human and non-human wild-type or labelled chemokines for products not available in the catalogue