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The chemical synthesis of chemokines is a relatively recent advancement, but one that should be strongly considered when identifying a source of suitable research reagents. Chemokines have been synthesised chemically since the early 1990s [1], but recent advances in peptide synthesis techniques, and methodology developed by Almac, have made their manufacture routine.

Chemical synthesis opens the door to the rapid, low cost manufacture of chemokines. Specific advantage is afforded over classical recombinant methods by ensuring an animal and carrier-free source of reagents.

Almac presents a series of native human chemokines, produced by chemical synthesis to ensure high purity and reliable biological function.

If you do not see the product you require, please get in touch, and we can arrange a custom synthesis –

[1] Ian Clark-Lewis et al., Biochemistry 1991, 30(12), 3128-3135.

CN-01 CCL3 MIP-1alpha Size: 20ug
CN-01 CCL3 MIP-1alpha Size: 100ug
CN-01 CCL3 MIP-1alpha Size: 1mg
CN-02 CCL2 MCP-1 Size: 20ug
CN-02 CCL2 MCP-1 Size: 100ug
CN-02 CCL2 MCP-1 Size: 1mg
CN-03 CCL11 Eotaxin Size: 20ug
CN-03 CCL11 Eotaxin Size: 100ug
CN-03 CCL11 Eotaxin Size: 1mg
CN-04 CCL22 MDC Size: 20ug
CN-04 CCL22 MDC Size: 100ug
CN-04 CCL22 MDC Size: 1mg
CN-05 CCL20 MIP-3alpha Size: 20ug
CN-05 CCL20 MIP-3alpha Size: 100ug
CN-05 CCL20 MIP-3alpha Size: 1mg
CN-06 CCL19 MIP-3beta Size: 20ug
CN-06 CCL19 MIP-3beta Size: 100ug
CN-06 CCL19 MIP-3beta Size: 1mg
CN-07 CCL1 I-309 Size: 20ug
CN-07 CCL1 I-309 Size: 100ug
CN-07 CCL1 I-309 Size: 1mg
CN-08 CCL5 RANTES Size: 20ug
CN-08 CCL5 RANTES Size: 100ug
CN-08 CCL5 RANTES Size: 1mg
CN-09 CXCL8 IL-8 Size: 20ug
CN-09 CXCL8 IL-8 Size: 100ug
CN-09 CXCL8 IL-8 Size: 1mg
CN-10 CXCL10 IP-10 Size: 20ug
CN-10 CXCL10 IP-10 Size: 100ug
CN-10 CXCL10 IP-10 Size: 1mg
CN-11 CXCL12 SDF-1alpha Size: 20ug
CN-11 CXCL12 SDF-1alpha Size: 100ug
CN-11 CXCL12 SDF-1alpha Size: 1mg
CN-12 CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 Size: 20ug
CN-12 CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 Size: 100ug
CN-12 CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 Size: 1mg
CN-13 CXCL11 ITAC Size: 20ug
CN-13 CXCL11 ITAC Size: 100ug
CN-13 CXCL11 ITAC Size: 1mg
CN-14 CX3CL1 Fractalkine Size: 20ug
CN-14 CX3CL1 Fractalkine Size: 100ug
CN-14 CX3CL1 Fractalkine Size: 1mg
CN-15 CCL25 TECK Size: 20ug
CN-15 CCL25 TECK Size: 100ug
CN-15 CCL25 TECK Size: 1mg
CN-16 CCL17 TARC Size: 20ug
CN-16 CCL17 TARC Size: 100ug
CN-16 CCL17 TARC Size: 1mg
CN-17 CXCL14 BRAK Size: 20ug
CN-17 CXCL14 BRAK Size: 100ug
CN-17 CXCL14 BRAK Size: 1mg
CN-18 CCL8 h-MCP2 Size: 20ug
CN-18 CCL8 h-MCP2 Size: 100ug
CN-18 CCL8 h-MCP2 Size: 1mg
CN-19 CCL15 hMIP5 Size: 20ug
CN-19 CCL15 hMIP5 Size: 100ug
CN-19 CCL15 hMIP5 Size: 1mg
CN-20 CCL28 h-MEC Size: 20ug
CN-20 CCL28 h-MEC Size: 100ug
CN-20 CCL28 h-MEC Size: 1mg
CN-21 CCL18 h-PARC Size: 20ug
CN-21 CCL18 h-PARC Size: 100ug
CN-21 CCL18 h-PARC Size: 1mg
CN-22 CXCL12 h-SDF-1beta Size: 20ug
CN-22 CXCL12 h-SDF-1beta Size: 100ug
CN-22 CXCL12 h-SDF-1beta Size: 1mg