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Our most popular chemokine products is the Alexa® range. These products are native chemokine sequences with a single AF647® fluorescent label incorporated at or near the C-terminus. Our highly tuned methods developed over the last 10 years ensure that only one fluorophore is incorporated per molecule whilst ensuring high purity product with required biological functionality. Furthermore, labelling the chemokine directly negates the need for the use of secondary reagents such as fluorescently-labelled antibodies.

Our AF647® products have a wide range of applications such as cell sorting, flow cytometry, chemokine receptor identification and biological screening.

If you do not see the product you require, please get in touch, and we can arrange a custom synthesis –

CAF-01 CCL3 MIP-1alpha Size: 10ug
CAF-01 CCL3 MIP-1alpha Size: 100ug
CAF-02 CCL2 MCP-1 Size: 10ug
CAF-02 CCL2 MCP-1 Size: 100ug
CAF-03 CCL11 Eotaxin Size: 10ug
CAF-03 CCL11 Eotaxin Size: 100ug
CAF-04 CCL22 MDC Size: 10ug
CAF-04 CCL22 MDC Size: 100ug
CAF-05 CCL20 MIP-3alpha Size: 10ug
CAF-05 CCL20 MIP-3alpha Size: 100ug
CAF-06 CCL19 MIP-3beta Size: 10ug
CAF-06 CCL19 MIP-3beta Size: 100ug
CAF-07 CCL1 I-309 Size: 10ug
CAF-07 CCL1 I-309 Size: 100ug
CAF-08 CCL5 RANTES Size: 10ug
CAF-08 CCL5 RANTES Size: 100ug
CAF-09 CXCL8 IL-8 Size: 10ug
CAF-09 CXCL8 IL-8 Size: 100ug
CAF-10 CXCL10 IP-10 Size: 10ug
CAF-10 CXCL10 IP-10 Size: 100ug
CAF-11 CXCL12 SDF-1alpha Size: 10ug
CAF-11 CXCL12 SDF-1alpha Size: 100ug
CAF-12 CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 Size: 10ug
CAF-12 CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 Size: 100ug
CAF-13 CXCL11 ITAC Size: 10ug
CAF-13 CXCL11 ITAC Size: 100ug
CAF-14 CX3CL1 Fractalkine Size: 10ug
CAF-14 CX3CL1 Fractalkine Size: 100ug
CAF-15 CCL25 TECK Size: 10ug
CAF-15 CCL25 TECK Size: 100ug
CAF-16 CCL17 TARC Size: 10ug
CAF-16 CCL17 TARC Size: 100ug
CAF-17 CXCL14 BRAK Size: 10ug
CAF-17 CXCL14 BRAK Size: 100ug
CAF-18 CCL8 MCP-2 Size: 10ug
CAF-18 CCL8 MCP-2 Size: 100ug
CAF-19 CCL15 MIP-5 Size: 10ug
CAF-19 CCL15 MIP-5 Size: 100ug
CAF-20 CCL28 MEC Size: 10ug
CAF-20 CCL28 MEC Size: 100ug
CAF-21 CCL18 PARC Size: 10ug
CAF-21 CCL18 PARC Size: 100ug
CAF-22 CXCL12 SDF-1beta Size: 10ug
CAF-22 CXCL12 SDF-1beta Size: 100ug
CAF-23 CCL4 MIP-1beta Size: 10ug
CAF-23 CCL5 MIP-1beta Size: 100ug