Specialist Catalogue Peptides

Specialist Catalogue Peptides

Providing complex peptides as catalogue products for basic biological research

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From research tools to therapeutics, chemokines have a wide and complex range of applications in the biochemical research field.

We provide a range of over 60 human chemokines in their native and site-specific labelled forms. We employ proprietary skills in long-chain peptide synthesis to chemically synthesise chemokines. As a result, high purity products are obtained, ensuring the precise amino acid sequence is produced endotoxin free. This selective manufacturing process is highly amenable to the manufacture of labelled chemokines, ensuring that a single label is incorporated at a specific site in the sequence.

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I have been working with Almac for several years now. It is the first company that we turn to for purchasing chemokines. As they are chemically synthesised we have been able to use them in vivo without any worry of endotoxin contamination. I find them very efficient and easy to work with. They respond quickly to questions, the materials are of a high quality and are delivered within days of the order

Dr Simi Ali, University of Newcastle